What They Say...

It is beautiful.  It is classy.  It is professional.  Wow!  And there’s a real need for this kind of material. Brass Grooves is going to be a big success.

—Bob Waggoner
Tarnished Brass, Shell Lake, WI


All 12 compositions are great. The voicings are fantastic…and with this one book, a wide range of styles can be incorporated into any group's repertoire. It has been a hit at elementary school concerts (with kids clapping along), a local Arts event here in Lubbock, as well as at a brass chamber recital. Audiences have been very complimentary.

—Paul Birk
Doctoral trombone student
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX


I took Brass Grooves to my community concert band rehearsal last week. During break I recruited a group to try out the tunes. As we began to play, heads turned and band members gathered around to listen. We got compliments as well as questions about the source of the music. The band director has asked if we will perform a couple of numbers in the lobby at the next concert. What fun!

—Wendy Peroni
Gardens Community Concert Band, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Mark Freese, Director


My high school students are using Brass Grooves, as are we in the Arkansas Brass Quintet. We are all enjoying it very much! Adapting to the different styles has been the most challenging part for the students—along with a few rhythms—but it is certainly within their reach.  But, most importantly, they are having a lot of fun working on the music. In Arkansas Brass we have used "Beyond the Clouds" a couple of times and it has been received very well.  We look forward to using Brass Grooves in many of our performance settings.

—John Webb
Benton High School, Benton, AR
and trumpeter in Arkansas Brass Quintet


I can’t remember ever having so much fun reading new charts! Each one was more enjoyable than the previous. Between the ten of us in the ensemble, we couldn’t decide on a favorite. We liked them all!

—Kay Hawley
Wild Prairie Brass, Minneapolis, MN


Brass Grooves is a wonderful collection of pieces for the professional quintet to perform at many types of gigs. The variety of styles is perfect for both background music and featured performances. We just started at the beginning of the book and read straight through to the end. The audience loved it!

—Suzie Frazier
Imperial Brass, Frisco, TX

Meyers Park High School Brass Quintet, Charlotte, NC